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The Fox Run Homeowners Association (FRHOA) Annual Meeting was held in the Fox Run Clubhouse on the evening of August 26, 2014. About 55 residents were in attendance while 103 proxy ballots were presented to the FRHOA Secretary (Mike Ryon) assuring a quorum. The social welcome began at 6:30 PM while the Business Meeting began at 7:00 PM and concluded at 9:20 PM. Joleen Dewald, current FRHOA President, opened the meeting with the FRHOA Board introducing themselves to the audience and thanked everyone for attending.
Current Board Members
Christian Coulter (Treasurer), Joleen Dewald (President), Noel Gilbreath, John Larese, Rod Langman (Vice President), Phil Lovelace, Louise Povlin, Mike Ryon (Secretary), and Dave Ross (not present).
The introductions were followed by a general review of the state of the neighborhood:
General Facilities
Bathrooms were renovated in the Pool House with new floors, sinks, stalls, toilets, an outside shower, lights, and inside walls were completely painted; new pool furniture was added; pool deck and stone pillars power washed; and pool gate lock repaired numerous times; they will be replaced by new locking mechanism and gate at end of season. Maintenance of our grounds was a big portion of the ongoing work in the subdivision, with work to trim tree limbs, mulch around trees and shrubs, treat infected trees, cutting along the creek buffer as well as regular mowing and shrub trimming.
About 80 reservations were made over past year; facility is cleaned (floors and windows) twice a year with pest treatments as needed. Outside stone was power washed to remove stains. Loan and payment information is provided in financial summary.
$360 annually; amount has not changed in more than 15 years, no plans to change dues.
Financial Summary 
Christian provided a review of the past fiscal year (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014) and a proposed budget for the current fiscal year (see attachment). We collected about 99% of the dues this year; missing payments were related to bankruptcy, delaying or preventing collection. We had a surplus from past giving us a carryover of about $60K.
Election of Board members
There were four board members up for re-election. Dave Ross decided not to stay on the board. Rod Langman, John Larese, and Mike Ryon agreed to run for another term. We also added three new candidates, Ann Baker, Jeanie Stow, and Harry Tucker. No other names were submitted to the Board for consideration and no one volunteered from audience to fill the HOA Board seats. Joleen proposed that the audience vote on the election of all six candidates for FRHOA Board Directors. They were re-elected by an acclamation in the affirmative by all at the meeting (there were no nays or abstentions).
Reading of and Discussion on proposed changes to the FRHOA covenants
Joleen read the proposed changes and lead a discussion of these changes to the FRHOA covenants dealing with the Architectural Review Committee. The committee is tasked with reviewing new construction or modifications to current dwellings to ensure they comply with our covenants. The changes were centered on removing confusing language, adding language to allow collection of attorney fees, and altering the appeal process.
The appeal process drew the most discussion. The current approach uses a vote of residents within 1000 ft. of the house where the architectural issue occurs, requiring 80% approval of the residents. This appeal process has never been successful, is cumbersome to implement requiring hours and hours of time from both the resident and board members, is costly, and cannot be completed in a timely manner. The Board has recommended that the appeal be switched to a majority vote of the entire Board. The resident would present their case for why the appeal should be granted and the Architectural Review Committee would present their case as to why they denied the application. A decision would then be made by the Board of Directors.
Comments were made both for and against the change. Because a covenant change requires approval from half of the eligible owners, a voice vote of attendees was not taken, but ballots could be cast for or against the change after the meeting. Ballots cast were collected by the secretary and added to the proxy ballots collected prior to meeting. The balloting process will continue until a majority is achieved approving or disapproving the proposed changes.
During the open comments on the covenant change, other issues were also brought up. These included speeding in neighborhood, security issues, impact of the increased covenant violation fee, problems with tennis lock, traffic issues from parking on main streets, extra keys for pool, adding emails or pet sitters to directory, and possible widening of roads leading to our neighborhood (Union and Everett). Most of these issues were addressed during meeting.