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Fox Run Homeowners Association (FRHOA) Board of Directors Meeting, September 22, 2014
Meeting began at 7 PM with Ann Baker, Christian Coulter, Joleen Dewald, Rod Langman, John Larese, Phil Lovelace, Louise Povlin, Mike Ryon, Jeanie Stow, and Harry Tucker in attendance. Joleen presided as president. Meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.

1)     Minutes from August Board of Directors' meeting were approved without change.

2)     Covenant violations: Only minor issues were discussed; most undeveloped lots are being mowed, one owner has been contacted to deal with their lot. If covenants are not followed, FRHOA board will assess a $150 monthly fee on violators after they have been given their 30-day violation notice. Unpaid fees can be recovered through court action.

3)     FRHOA Board of Directors' Assignments: The various positions and offices were discussed among the Directors. It was agreed that officers would remain the same for coming year: President – Joleen, Vice-President – Rod, Treasurer – Christian, Secretary – Mike. Committee assignments were also made, trying to match Directors' skill sets and desires with available work. Committee assignments are listed at end of minutes.

4)     Annual Meeting and Proposed Covenant Changes: Joleen reviewed the annual meeting and Mike provided an update on the vote for proposed covenant change. The annual meeting had 55 residents in attendance and a good exchange of ideas. The collection of votes on the covenant change indicates strong approval by the residents. The Board of Directors will continue to contact residents to obtain a majority vote.

5)     Financial Status: Christian provided an update on our finances. FRHOA expenses for August were $15,823 (including 1-time expense of $3,434 for new pool furniture), dues collected in August were $11,560, and we have $153,358 in our bank accounts. We discussed whether we should invest some of the operating funds in CDs to gain extra interest, but the short-term return rates are so low that it was decided to not be worth the effort. Most residents have paid dues for current fiscal year, with only about 10 in arrears. Christian is in contact with these owners to arrange payments. Christian will also go to the Knox County Clerk's office to clear off any old liens placed for non-payment of dues in the past. Ann Baker has agreed to informally assist Christian in some treasurer duties.

6)     Tennis court and Swimming pools: A replacement main gate and repairs to damaged sections of fence around pool were made; the new lock will feature non-duplicable keys and will occur after pool season which ended October 1. These keys will be uniquely identified so they can be assigned to residents individually. A problem with installation of new water lines to bathrooms will also be corrected. Other upgrades include replacing metal doors in pool building, upgrade to the door and lock for the tennis court, and checking for leaks in small pool. We also talked about possibility, long-term, of adding a brick storage building with attached covered patio to the pool complex. This would allow space for winter storage of all pool equipment and furniture, plus give pool users more shaded space during the summer.

7)     Clubhouse: Carpets were cleaned after the annual meeting; some carpet tiles are stained beyond cleaning and may need to be replaced with the extras we bought for that purpose. Reservations are increasing as fall arrives and we approach the holiday seasons. Louise wants to schedule a pre-season check of the heating system, as it had experienced thermostat issues last winter.

8)     New Business: It was proposed that a new committee be added for the Directors. The committee would seek to involve residents in charitable work, neighborly endeavors, or neighborhood improvement projects. The goal would be to identify needed actions (e.g., painting soccer goals on sports field) that could be done by resident volunteers. The committee would also seek to improve neighborhood interactions (e.g., develop network of neighbors to regularly check on single residents or residents who might need occasional assistance). This committee was partially prompted by the death of one of our residents who lived alone and whose passing took a few days to be determined. The work of the committee would in large part be based on one-time volunteers from our neighborhood, who might have time for limited projects or an interest in a specific area. Other external charitable work could be coordinated through the committee as well (e.g., volunteers to help prepare one meal a month at the Ronald MacDonald House). The range and implementation of this idea will be pursued in next few months to see how feasible and effective it might be.

9)     The next meeting was tentatively set for Wednesday, October 15 at 7 PM.

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