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Meeting began at 7 PM with Christian Coulter, Noel Gilbreath, Rod Langman, John Larese, Phil Lovelace, Louise Povlin, Mike Ryon, Jeanie Stow, and Harry Tucker in attendance. Rod presided as vice-president. Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.
1)     Minutes from February 2015 Board of Directors' meeting were approved without change.
2)     Committee Updates
a)     Architect Review: No new plans submitted.
b)     Covenant enforcement: No new complaints. If covenants are not followed, FRHOA board will assess a $150 monthly fee on violators after they have been given their 30-day violation notice. Unpaid fees can be recovered through court action.
c)     Clubhouse: There were 6 reservations in February. It was decided not to waive maintenance fee for community groups and charge them the same as other residents. We will have front lock replaced with commercial grade lock; hot water heater will be checked for proper operation; Louise will schedule floor and window cleaning in next few weeks.
d)     Pools: New locks will be installed in main gate, and bathrooms. Replacement keys will be made and distributed prior to pool opening.
e)     Tennis court: New lock will be installed and gate modified for better access.
f)       Social: An adult get-together, featuring Bingo will be scheduled for late April as part of the Good Works group. The FRHOA annual meeting will likely be scheduled in June this year.
g)     Landscape & Erosion: Phil got an estimate for repairing erosion damage to some areas of the upper watershed, near Golden Fox; we will seek additional estimates and an inspection by a civil engineer..
h)     Safety & Security: No new action.
i)       Good Works: No new action.
j)       Communication: No new action.
k)     Welcoming committee: Louise and Noel will continue to check with recent sales to be sure they have directory and contact information.
3)     Financial Status : Christian provided an update on our finances. FRHOA expenses for February were $10,912 (most due to insurance payment), dues and fees collected were $489, and we have $104 K in our bank accounts. The amount includes projected carry-over of approximately $50,000 for reserve fund and several larger items budgeted for spring.
4)     New business: . A FRHOA garage sale will be set for spring; likely the first weekend in May. There are several new developments projected by the Town of Farragut that may impact us; board members were encouraged to attend TOF meetings to gain more information and to comment, as individual residents.
5)     The next meeting was tentatively set for Wednesday, April 8, at 7 PM.