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Meeting began at 7 PM with Christian Coulter, Joleen Dewald, Noel Gilbreath, Rod Langman, Phil Lovelace, Louise Povlin, Mike Ryon, Jeanie Stow, and Harry Tucker in attendance. Joleen presided as president. Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.
1)     Minutes from April 2015 Board of Directors' meeting were approved without change.
2)     Committee Updates
a)     Architect Review: One fence plan was approved.
b)    Covenant enforcement: Several issues were observed, so it was decided to send out an email reminder and then follow up with individual notices if necessary. If covenants are not followed, FRHOA board will assess a $150 monthly fee on violators after they have been given their 30-day violation notice. Unpaid fees can be recovered through court action.
c)     Clubhouse: There were reservations for 10 days in April. Louise scheduled floor cleaning in May and window cleaning in June (earliest available). Mike has lined up two companies to provide recommendations and estimates for an A/V system. Mike also provided more options on stackable patio dining chairs and tables.
d)    Pools: New locks have been installed in main gate and bathrooms. Louise has assigned keys to each resident and has scheduled three sessions for residents to come, get key, and pool rules. Mike and Christian offered to host two more sessions. John and Phil have Scott Plumbing working on adding a shut-off valve and running a second water line to pool house. Pro-Pools will remove covers and begin cleaning for opening. The Elam family has agreed to clean pools again this summer. Opening date is projected around May 20.
e)     Tennis court: New lock will be installed and gate modified for better access in late May or June. It was suggested that court needs to be power washed; Mike will arrange. John or Rod will check timer for lights and repair wind screens.
f)     Social: An adult get-together, featuring Bingo was coordinated by Joleen and Jeanie on April 24. Everyone enjoyed the event and it was suggested that another date in late summer or fall be scheduled. It was decided to forgo a pool opening party but continue the end of summer party. The FRHOA annual meeting will be on July 15.
g)    Landscape & Erosion: Mike met with Volunteer to get estimates on bush hogging this spring and planting of shrubs along pool fence; initial cost estimates needed more information. Phil and Harry will follow-up with Volunteer about this work. Noel was approached by a resident about several issues, including residents blowing grass clippings into the street; this is not allowed under Town of Farragut storm-water regulations.
h)     Safety & Security: Two residents asked a board member questions in this area; one was about speeding and the other regarding the sidewalk on Comblain that ends abruptly in the middle of a downhill, blind curve. Possible solution options were discussed; these are likely long-term issues.
i)      Communication: Louise will generate a secondary resident phone/email list as part of the pool key distribution. Joleen has been working on new information and design for the website. Mike has been updating directory and plans to publish the 2016 version this fall.
j)      Welcoming committee: Louise and Noel will continue to check with recent sales to be sure they have directory and contact information.
3)     Financial Status : Christian provided an update on our finances. FRHOA expenses for April were $11,045. Most significant costs were taxes/permits and capital improvements at pool. We have $85,490 in our bank accounts. The amount includes projected carry-over of approximately $60,000 for reserve fund and several larger items budgeted for spring that may occur at start of new FY. Remaining loan amount for the Clubhouse is approximately $153,000. Christian will prepare first email request for FY2016 dues in next few weeks.
4)     New business: There are several new developments projected by the Town of Farragut that may impact us; on both east and west sides. Board members were encouraged to attend TOF meetings to gain more information and to comment, as individual residents. As always Louise provides us updates from her participation on the Planning Commission and Ron Honken represents our neighborhood on both the Commission and Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
5)     The next board meeting was tentatively set for Wednesday, June 10, at 7 PM.