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Meeting began at 7:10 PM with Ann Baker, Christian Coulter, Joleen Dewald, Rod Langman, John Larese, Phil Lovelace, Louise Povlin, Mike Ryon, Jeanie Stow, and Harry Tucker in attendance. Joleen presided as president. Meeting was adjourned at 10:10 PM.
1)     Minutes from May 2015 Board of Directors' meeting were approved without change.
2)     Committee Updates
a)     Architect Review: Two fence plans and one house plan were approved. Discussions also occurred with a potential buyer regarding certain covenant issues if they became a Fox Run resident.
b)    Covenant enforcement: Several issues remained after the email reminder; primarily trailers and un-mown lots. Residents are reminded that if they see a covenant violation, please contact the board. If we are not aware of them we cannot begin to address the issue. Also, it can take some time to resolve a covenant violation, so do not assume that because it is not resolved promptly, that actions are not occurring. If covenants are not followed, FRHOA board will assess a $150 monthly fee on violators after they have been given their 30-day violation notice. Unpaid fees can be recovered through court action.
c)     Clubhouse: There were nine reservations in May. The floors were cleaned, and two estimates for installing a video/audio system were obtained. We discussed the need for more control over how the clubhouse is used. We also decided to include following clubhouse rules as part of the security deposit. Louise will provide revised text to use in the future.
d)    Pools: Louise has distributed all but 67 of the assigned keys. She will now pass this responsibility on to Joleen. New cracks are appearing in the side and bottom of the large pool and we will have them inspected to see if there are leaks. Christian offered to check water bills to see if there had been any unexpected increases. We also had a near miss with a young child who got in to deep water. Because we don't have life guards, it is critical that enough supervision be provided when young or inexperienced swimmers are in the pool. This is one of many reasons we do not allow residents to use both the clubhouse and pools at the same time.
e)     Tennis court: A new lock was installed and the gate will be modified. It was suggested that court needs to be power washed. John checked timer for lights and worked on wind screens; a few replacement screens will be needed soon.
f)     Social: The FRHOA annual meeting will be on July 15. Light snacks will be served at 6:30 as part of the social event while business discussions will begin at 7 PM. If you can't attend meeting, it is requested that you provide a proxy vote to one of the board members by July 14 to help us reach a quorum.
g)    Landscape & Erosion: Phil got Volunteer to bush hog most of our areas; one section still needs work. There are also issues with sight lines at the front entrance. Harry will follow-up with Volunteer about this work.
h)     Safety & Security: No new issues.
i)      Communication: No new issues.
j)      Welcoming committee: Louise provided information on some new residents.
3)     Financial Status : Christian provided an update on our finances. FRHOA expenses for May were $7,661. We have $78,132 in our bank accounts. The amount includes projected carry-over of approximately $60,000 for reserve fund and several larger items budgeted for spring that may occur at start of new FY. Remaining loan amount for the Clubhouse is approximately $150,000. We discussed budget for next FY and assigned some general numbers.
4)     New business: . No new items.
5)     The next meeting was tentatively set for Monday, July 13, at 7 PM..