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Meeting began at 7:05 PM with Christian Coulter, Joleen Dewald, Noel Gilbreath, Rod Langman, John Larese, Louise Povlin, Mike Ryon, Jeanie Stow, and Harry Tucker in attendance. Joleen presided as president. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9 PM.
1. Minutes from June 2015 Board of Directors' meeting were approved without change.

2. Board member status: Phil Lovelace resigned after the last meeting. We discussed roles going forward and who might take over his duties temporarily. Harry will handle landscape issues and Mike will cover the covenant violations. We also talked about soliciting people to join committees in the next FY.

3. Committee Updates
    a. Architect Review: One question about a potential pool installation.
    b. Covenant enforcement: Emails were sent out to residents about trailers, debris in yards, and uncovered HVAC units. Mike will follow up if residents don’t address violations. Also he will contact Town of Farragut about unmown lots and abandoned property. If covenants are not followed, FRHOA board will assess a $150 monthly fee on violators after they have been given their 30-day violation notice. Unpaid fees can be recovered through court action.
    c. Clubhouse: There were three reservations in June. The windows were cleaned. Louise is seeking additional help for check-in and out of the residents.
    d. Pools: Cracks in the side and bottom of the large pool will need to be fixed. We continue to have leak issues with new bathroom fixtures.
    e. Tennis court: Not discussed
    f. Social: The FRHOA annual meeting will be on July 15. Light snacks will be served at 6:30 as part of the social event while business discussions will begin at 7 PM.
    g. Landscape & Erosion: Harry spoke with Volunteer about additional bush hog work.
    h. Safety & Security: No new issues.
    i. Communication: No new issues.
    j. Welcoming committee: Louise provided information on some new residents.

4. Financial Status : Christian will provide an update on our finances at annual meeting; we discussed his budget for next Fiscal Year.

5. New business: Joleen sent clarification note to Farragut Press about misstatement of FRHOA being in support of or neutral about a proposed apartment complex.

6. The next meeting will be in September.