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Meeting began at 7:00 PM with Rod Langman, Christian Coulter, John Larese, Noel Gilbreath, and Dan Ellsworth in attendance. Rod presided as president. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:45 PM.
1. January 26th, 2016 meeting minutes were approved.

2. Committee Updates
     A. Architectural Review - Rod reported that one fence request and one window request was approved
     B. Clubhouse - Dianne Bishop and Rod coordinated seven rentals in February and seven more rentals are scheduled for March. Repair is being scheduled to fix several loose shingles on the roof. The kitchen hot water heater is not working. John is working on arrangements to get it replaced with Scott’s Plumbing. The board approved $850 for the replacement costs and labor. John and Rod will meet with Scott’s Plumbing at the clubhouse for the repair work. The board is also considering replacing the light fixtures.
     C. Covenant Enforcement - No issues to report
     D. Finances - Christian reported that he was able to get a $383 reduction in insurance costs for this year. Recent expenditures are averaging $7,000 a month. With over $119,000 in the account and 2016 dues coming up this summer the association is in sound financial standing. There will be no need to consider any increase in dues. Christian suggested making extra payments against the principal in the remaining balance on the clubhouse loan. The board was in agreement that this would be beneficial. There are currently only three homes delinquent on annual dues.
     E. Landscape and Natural Areas - We are waiting for the final quote for the first stage of the erosion control project in the wooded common areas near Comblain Road. This will be a long term project done in small stages. The first stage will consist of rock being brought in to catch sedimentation near the bottom of the wash out area. Dan will talk to homeowners near the access points prior to work starting. Dan also brought in quotes regarding the landscape project on the western piece of association property along Union Road. The board unanimously approved going forward with Volunteer for a cost of $8,100. They will install different trees, bushes, and decorative grasses to improve the look of the area. The work will be completed near the end of March. After the road construction is complete the board will take a closer look at the small association plot on the corner of Union Road and Everett. Dan will also coordinate with Volunteer to have the soil tested along the boulevard islands and treat any nutrient deficiencies to proactively keep the trees healthy. Volunteer will also be asked to apply mulch on the path that leads from the clubhouse parking area to the soccer field.
     F. Safety And Security - No issues to report. Christian negotiated a $5 a month reduction in monitoring costs from ADT.
     G. Social - Resident Chandelle Gibbs volunteered to help out with social events. The board appreciates that she was willing to help coordinate a neighborhood Easter egg hunt.
     H. Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts - John discussed two screens that potentially need replaced due to weather related tears. He will look in to new skimmer baskets and mechanical elements for the pool.

3. New Business
     A. Rewards for volunteers - The board discussed purchasing $50 gift cards to thank some of the non-board residents who have donated a lot of their time and talents to various projects that improve the neighborhood and save the association money.
     B. Use of clubhouse for resident craft classes - Christina Deyo has volunteered to share her talents and experience as a producer for Martha Stewart and a host for the Food Network with the Fox Run children. The board voted to cover the cost of supplies when receipts are submitted so the classes can be offered free of charge as a community social event. However, the classes must be limited to resident Fox Run children only.
     C. The board discussed the need to look into recoating the clubhouse parking lot at some point. Noel said he would be willing to look into it for future consideration.
     D. Directory - Names from new purchases are being collected and the board hopes to get the new directories published soon.