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Meeting began at 6:30 PM with Noel Gilbreath, Christian Coulter, John Larese, and Dan Ellsworth in attendance. Noel presided as president since Rod was not in attendance. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20 PM.
1. April 6th, 2016 meeting minutes were approved.

2. Committee Updates
     A. Architectural Review - One request was approved for a new patio.
     B. Clubhouse - Rod and Dianne Bishop continue to manage reservations. The re-coating of the parking lot is being done on May 12-13. Professional Asphalt Sealing and Maintenance will perform the work as they have in the past. The board unanimously approved the work to be completed by them out of the five bids received. The cost approved was for $3,444 and it includes cleaning the parking lot, fixing the pot holes, applying the sealer, and re-striping the lot.
     C. Covenant Enforcement - Noel reported there were no issues the last month.
     D. Finances - Christian reviewed the current budget and account balances. We currently have $96,429 in our account. Christian made an extra lump sum payment against the outstanding loan on the clubhouse in the amount of $10,000 that was unanimously approved by the board. In addition, future monthly payments will have an extra $1,000 added to the payment to be applied against the principle. Future payments will be at $3,680 instead of $2,680 to allow us to pay off the loan early and avoid some of the interest charges. Christian also renegotiated the interest rate on the loan from 4.75% to 3.85%. He also got a reduced closing of $500 and a free safety deposit box.
     E. Landscape and Natural Areas - Landscape and Natural Areas - Dan discussed the mulching of the path from the clubhouse parking lot to the soccer field. Rod was able to provide mulch free of charge and Dan volunteered to spread it. Both the path and the dirt area in between the two large trees at the far end of the parking lot were able to be mulched with out any cost to Fox Run. Due to turnover at Volunteer some areas have had delays or issues with mowing. Dan and the board has been working with Volunteer regularly to resolve the issues and ensure mowing is being done correctly. We have voiced concerns to Volunteer Lawn over the grounds not being maintained at the same standards as past years.
     F. Safety And Security - There have been more complaints about motor bikes on the trails. There has also been an eighteen wheeler in the neighborhood going door to door soliciting sales. The Knox County Sheriff has been notified.
     G. Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts - Pro Pools began preparing the pools yesterday for the summer season. Depending on how long it takes and if they find unexpected problems the facility should open by the time schools are out and sooner if possible. After Pro Pools confirms a ready date the board will pass on the opening date to the community via the Fox Run Email. We are looking at hiring pool attendants for the summer season.

3. New Business
     A. Christina Deyo is looking to begin the Craft/Cooking classes on Tuesday's June 7 to August 15 with the exception of fourth of July weekend. The board is very appreciative of Christina volunteering her time to the children of Fox Run. An email with the schedule and sign up information will be sent out. The sign up will be for estimating numbers for the purchase of materials/supplies. The classes will be open to Fox Run families only.
     B. Directory - Final steps are being completed to finish the directory. Homes that have new residents have been contacted by board members to confirm up to date information prior to publishing.
     C. Fox Run Annual Meeting- The board is tentatively setting the date for the next annual meeting Wednesday, June 22nd. Notification will be sent to the community via the Fox Run email.