In accordance with the Declaration of Covenants of Fox Run Subdivision, the Board of Directors of the Fox Run Homeowners Association has set forth the following rules for the use of the community recreation areas.  These rules have been developed with reasonableness and the overall best interests of the homeowners in mind.  Interpretation of the rules is the prerogative of the Recreation Committee and the Board of Directors.  In order to accommodate unusual or unforeseen circumstances, exceptions to the rules may be requested through the Recreation Committee.  Variance from a rule will be decided by the Committee based on the request’s impact on precedence and on other homeowners in the community.  A direct appeal to the Association Board of Directors may be made if the Recreation Committee rejects a request and the homeowner wishes to continue to pursue the matter.

These rules are intended to ensure maximum enjoyment for as many homeowners as possible.  We realize that all homeowners will not favor all rules. However, it is the hope of the Board of Directors that everyone will abide by them for the mutual benefit of the community. The Declaration of Covenants permits the Board of Directors to suspend the recreation area privileges of serious or habitual offenders of the rules, or for non-payment of Association dues.

Each household is provided with one numbered key for the facilities. A replacement key is available for $25.

Swimming Pool Complex

In general, the pools can be used as desired. However, the goal of the two pool design is to minimize interference when multiple users are present. The smaller pool is geared toward toddlers and pre-teenage children. It has more and shallower step areas than the larger pool. We encourage young children to use that pool, but they must have adult supervision. Older children and adults without children are encouraged to use the larger pool. We want to avoid conflicts where excessive physical activity could scare or impact pool use by younger children. Also, the larger pool has lanes designed for lap swimming, separated by a long rope. The middle float rope separating the deep end from the shallow end may be folded over into the other section of the pool. Other recreational swimmers should not interfere with lap swimmers. When finished lap swimming, the float rope dividing the shallow end from the deep end must be put back in place.

The following rules will be strictly enforced to protect the Association from fines, sanction, and possible pool closure by the Health Department. Please advise others whom you observe in violation.

Sports Field and Cabanas

Tennis Court

Walking Trails

Walking trails are for the use of residents and guests only, unless they connect to adjacent subdivisions or become part of the Town of Farragut's greenway system.

Fox Run Homeowners Association Board of Directors

May 2007