This document includes:

A. Clubhouse Rules

B. Procedure to Reserve Clubhouse Facilities

C. Rental Agreement (.pdf attachment)

D. Cleaning Checklist (.pdf attachment)

A. Fox Run Clubhouse Rules

1. The clubhouse facilities are for the use of homeowners and their guests only, with a maximum occupancy of 100. Only Fox Run homeowners may reserve the facility and MUST be present for the entire time of the rental.

2. The Fox Run Homeowners Association (FRHOA) may reserve for community-wide events up to a year in advance of the event. Homeowners may make reservations for an event up to six (6) months prior to the event for no more than three (3) consecutive days and no more than four (4) times a year. FRHOA may limit reservations to one day during periods of time with peak demand.

3. Homeowners representing not for profit, fraternal or community organizations /clubs may make reservations once a month, up to 12 times/year, based on availability.

4. Any homeowner may delegate their right of enjoyment of the clubhouse facilities to their tenants who reside on the property. Such homeowner shall notify the secretary of the association in writing of the name of any such tenant. The rights and privileges of such tenant are subject to suspension to the same extent as those of the homeowner.

5. No nails or tape other than low adhesive painters tape should be used to hang pictures or streamers on the walls or doors. Use of confetti, silly string, glitter, or the like is prohibited - Nothing should ever be hung from the lights.

6. No animals (pets), except service animals, are allowed in the clubhouse at any time.

7. NO large volume deep fat fryers (i.e. turkey fryers, commercial fryers, etc.) of any kind are to be used inside or outside the facility. Barbecues and the use of cookers are restricted to the concrete in the back of the clubhouse or the cabanas adjacent to the clubhouse.

8. No smoking (including cigars) in the clubhouse or surrounding grounds. Smoking is allowed only in the parking area, and Renter is responsible for cleanup of that area.

9. The outside doors must be kept closed when the air conditioner/heat is on.

10. At any time during a private event, any adult homeowner of Fox Run may notify the proper authorities, including the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, if the Homeowner has reason to believe that illegal activity is occurring or there is possible harm to people/property. Board members reserve the right to inspect the property at any time.

11. Event participants are not permitted to enter and/or use the pool facilities.

12. The homeowner should not tamper or in any way use the security system located in the clubhouse during or at the time of departure following the event. If a Clubhouse Committee/Board member has to come to the clubhouse because of a non-emergency call or false alarm due to tampering or using the security system, all incurred expenses will be passed onto the renter.

13. No commercial activities are allowed at the clubhouse, including, but not limited to, direct sales and business networking.

14. Violation by the homeowner(s) or their guests of any rules and regulations established by the board governing the use of the clubhouse facilities will result in the forfeiture of the security/cleaning deposit and in the suspension of the right of the homeowner(s) to the clubhouse facilities for a period of time to be determined by the Board.

15. Homeowner(s) who have been identified by the Board as being in arrears for payment of annual homeowners dues, late fees and/or special assessments will be prohibited from renting the clubhouse and use of the clubhouse facilities until any and all fees are paid in full.

16. The Board can alter these rules at any time, and can, upon consideration of a reservation request, decide that the request be denied if such request is deemed not in the best interest of the Fox Run Homeowners Association.

17. During the week (Sunday through Thursday), the clubhouse may be used from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Music or loud noise must cease at 10:00 p.m. during the week. During the weekend (Friday and Saturday) or holidays, the clubhouse may be used from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Music or loud noise must cease at 12:00 a.m.

18. Exceptions will be considered by the

19. The scheduled hours of rental are normally 10am to 9am of the following day. The actual hours of the rental period will be determined by agreement among the Association representative and the renter(s) involved by the time of the rental onset. That is, usage by multiple renters over consecutive days may impact the set up time and clean up time requirements of both renters. For example, if one renter wants to clean up by noon of the day following his/her event and the renter of that day wants to hold his/her event at 10:00 am of that day, agreement among all parties as to the times involved must be reached. Where agreement among the parties cannot be achieved , the normal scheduled hours take precedent. All disputes and variances from the normal scheduled hours will be decided by the Association representative.


B. Procedure to Reserve Fox Run Clubhouse Facilities

1. To check the availability of a certain date, go to the Fox Run HOA website at and click on the social tab to view the clubhouse and pool cabana reservations. To request a reservation, send an email to In your email please include THE DATE IN THE SUBJECT LINE, the timeframe and a specific, detailed description of your event.

2. Fee Schedule for Use of Clubhouse (Only Fox Run Homeowners may reserve the Clubhouse and MUST be present the entire time)

    Maintenance fee.……………….……………. $ 25.00 January 1 to Day Before Thanksgiving, $50.00 Thanksgiving Day to December 31 (Nonrefundable check)
    Security/Cleaning Deposit …………............... $250.00 (payable by check)

(Security/cleaning deposit will be returned in full if clubhouse requires no additional cleaning, all rules outlined in the Fox Run Clubhouse Rules are followed and nothing is broken or damaged during use. The key is to be returned to the Clubhouse Committee Chairperson by 12:00 noon the following day.)

3. The clubhouse key is released to the homeowner/tenant on the day of the event when the following occurs:
    • Fox Run Clubhouse Rental Agreement is signed.
    • Security/cleaning deposit, and maintenance fee (if applicable) are received.
    • Fox Run Clubhouse Cleaning Checklist is reviewed and signed off by the Renter and Clubhouse Committee.

4. The homeowner/tenant is responsible for clean-up of clubhouse facilities (including grounds) immediately after the event

5. In the case of rental items (stages, inflatables used outside, DJ equipment etc), please make arrangements so that all items are removed from the clubhouse and clubhouse grounds before check out is completed.

C. Fox Run Clubhouse Rental Agreement


D. Cleaning Checklist