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Reservations must be made and a deposit paid in order to use the clubhouse.  Please carefully review the usage rules and reservation forms here.  If you would like to reserve the clubhouse, send an email to



Click here to read the rules associated with use of all Fox Run recreational facilities (other than the clubhouse)


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The small pool The large pool

The pools are normally open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but extended warm weather may lengthen that time.   Please remember to keep your key with you, as the gate locks automatically.   Bathrooms and a phone are located in the pool pavilion.

Tennis Court

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The tennis court may be reserved by signing up for a time on the bulletin board near the entrance to the pool area.  The gate to the court is opened by the same key that opens the gate to the pool area.

Sports field

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The sports field may be reserved by any community team, provided a Fox Run Association member is actively involved (coach, parent, or player).


pict14.jpg (7915 bytes) Two cabanas are located in the common area near the pool and tennis court.

Walking Trail

pict07.jpg (9618 bytes) The walking trail runs along the top of the neighborhood from the area near the water tower to Everett Road.